Types of retirement plans

Types of retirement plans

The retirement plans are very simple and easy to understand. They include the following accounts.

  1. Individual retirement accounts

This is a tax favored retirement account which allowsyou to contribute a certain amount each year and invest your contributions taxdeferred. What this basically means is that you pay no taxes on annual investment gains (which help them to grow more quickly). With a regularIndividual retirement account, you pay income taxes on the money when it’swithdrawn at retirement. If you don’t have a 401(k) retirement account at work,you should also be able to deduct IRA contributions on your annual income taxreturn.

  • Roth Individual retirement accounts
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These are made after tax, although any money generated within the Roth is never taxed again. The best part about this plan is that you can withdraw contributions that you may have made to a Roth IRA before retirement age without penalties. If you are just starting out and think your income will grow, putting money in a Roth is a great place to invest extra cash—while giving your future self an amazing tax break.

  • 401(K) plans

This is a workplace retirement account which is offered as a benefit to all the employees individually. It allows the employee to make a contribution from their pre-tax paycheck in a tax-deferred investment account. The major advantage of using the pre-tax account is the fact that it features significantly reduced amounts of the income your taxes are pegged upon.

  • Roth 401(K)

This account combines the features of the Roth IRA anda 401(k). It forms a type of plan that is offered by employers (and becauseit’s relatively new, not all employers offer them), but the contributions comefrom your after-tax paycheck instead of your pre-tax salary. If the setprinciples and conditions are satisfied, contributions and earnings in a Rothare never taxed again. Plan ahead get a quote at https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2019/

  • Simple IRA

This is simply termed as the savings incentive matches for employees IRA and forms a plan that is mostly incorporated by small companies. It operates more like the 401(K) and the members’ contributions are made from the pre-tax paycheck withdrawals whilst the cash develops tax deferred until the individual retires.


SEP IRA allows the self-employed people to make contributions in portions of their income to their retirement account, and fully deduct them from your income taxes. The maximum annual contribution limits are higher than most other tax-favored retirement accounts.