Preparing for retirement

Preparing for retirement Retirement refers to withdrawing from the state ofactive service in a company or organization or any place for that matter whereone earns their salary. Retirement age varies from one country to another but characteristically,the age is between 65 and 70 averagely. Preparation for retirement does notstart when one approaches that age, on […]

Types of retirement plans

Types of retirement plans The retirement plans are very simple and easy to understand. They include the following accounts. Individual retirement accounts This is a tax favored retirement account which allowsyou to contribute a certain amount each year and invest your contributions taxdeferred. What this basically means is that you pay no taxes on annual […]

How retirement accounts work

How retirement accounts work Retirement for some people work in such a way thatwhen you reach a certain age and start thinking about spending your days on thegolf course, then you look at your bank statement and freak out, and thinkabout taking on a second job instead. However retirement accounts are not justhelpful for helping […]